Image of Subbaculture Paperback : Issues 1-4

Subbaculture Paperback : Issues 1-4

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Loads of people ask about the early issues of the zine. Issue 1 was just 100 copies, Issues 2 & 3 200 and we reached the heady heights of 250 with number 4. All were individually numbered/hand stamped all are now long gone.

last year we printed up a paperback book compiling the first 4 issues which sold out in a week so we've relented and got another 100 on the way - 30 of these already have peoples names on them and we wont be re-printing this volume. Sooo....last chance on these - reprints of the first 4 issues in all their glory (typos and spelling mistakes included as they were!) in a tasty looking paperback book with intros from myself and Peter.


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